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  • This ROUSH Supercharger kit is designed and tested to function properly only on vehicles as they are equipped from the factory (completely stock powertrain). The use of aftermarket parts and equipment
  • VCT V8 engine with a 2.3-liter Whipple Twin Screw Supercharger with Ford Racing calibration and Roush intake o Ford Racing Handling Pack o Ford Racing tuned exhaust and tips o SVT Track Pack wheels
  • technology. The patented design on this supercharger system features a four-lobe rotor and high-flow inlet which greatly enhances thermal efficiency, higher volume capacity, and higher operational speeds.
  • Creating the extra power is the R2300 supercharger featuring Eaton's® TVS (Twin Vortices Series) patented technology which delivers greatly enhanced thermal efficiency, produces higher volumetric capacity,
  • attach the SVO shorty tube headers, and put that supercharger right there in plain sight where it says something. The liquid-to-air intercooler is all but hidden in front of the engine in a very clean,
  • feeding air to the 5.0L engine is ROUSH’s R2300 supercharger featuring Eaton’s® TVS (Twin Vortices Series) patented technology. The TVS design delivers greatly enhanced thermal efficiency, produces
  • M90 Roots-style supercharger, intake manifold, air-to-water intercooler system, 73mm supercharger pulley (generating 5 PSI of boost), and high-flow fuel injectors and induction system. In addition to
  • The ROUSH GT Pulley Kit replaces the stock supercharger pulley and first sheave FEAD belt (Front End Assembly Drive) with a smaller diameter ROUSH GT pulley. This increases the speed of the supercharger,
  • future edition of the V-6 that offers an upgrade with a supercharger and something on the exhaust with a rear end and suspension that can handle it? Log in to Reply Doug Fuller says: October 19,
  • 3 Mustang and F-150 will both house a roots-style supercharger system. A unique Roush calibration will deliver advanced levels of performance. Both supercharger systems will produce six pounds of boost.
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